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Amy Dodd Pilkington

Amy Pilkington

Bestselling Author

  • Bestselling Series: The Pin-up Girls of Yank, the Army Weekly
  • Fiction: Takaani, Cities of the Dead: Casket Girls
  • Nonfiction: The Lesser of Two Evils
  • Bio: 

Amy Dodd Pilkington is a mother of four who lives in Bolivar, Tennessee with her husband, children, and her beloved dog. She enjoys camping, photography, reading, and spoiling her adorable grandchildren.

Pilkington loves a tall glass of sweet tea and aspires to be a beach bum when she grows up.


The Lesser of Two Evils



  • The Lesser of Two Evils  Monsters are real. Find your breaking point.The Lesser of Two Evils by Amy PilkingtonLaura Bennett shares her experience with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of real-life monsters. The harrowing tale offers an in-depth look at the horrors of domestic violence. Originally billed as fiction, the author has confirmed this book is based on her own struggle to escape abuse. Her detailed accounts will haunt readers for a lifetime.
  • The Lesser of Two Evils is also a testament of strength and resilience, offering a message of hope for victims of domestic violence.


  • Takaani Folklore brought to life 

    Takaani by Amy Pilkington

    A scream breaks the silence of the midnight hour, and the blood of an innocent child is spilled.

    The small Alaskan village of Kashega is terrorized when a beast on a murderous rampage slaughters their sleeping children. The distraught villagers know nothing of the creature, nor how to stop it, and they are desperate for answers.

    An injured Eskimo hunter seeks shelter in the town, and his knowledge of the beast is their only chance for survival. The townspeople must somehow stop the slayings and restore peace before it destroys the entire village.


    Casket Girls  First book in the Cities of the Dead series Casket Girls by Amy PilkingtonThe summer of 1728 was a dreary time in the fledgling settlement of New Orleans. The men were lonely. If the king wanted a picturesque town to lure new settlers, he had to motivate the bachelors.


    Settlers were excited when prospective brides arrived, but their presence turns the town upside down. Jacques never believed the stories of vampires in the new world, but he knew there was evil among them. His determination to reveal the truth behind a murder leads to another murder. The girls are labeled as vampires. They need a true hero to save them from an angry mob, but do vampires or heroes exist?

  • The Pin-up Girls of Yank, the Army Weekly Bestselling series

    The Pin-up Girls of Yank, the Army Weekly 1942 & 1943 by Amy PilkingtonThe Pin-up Girls of Yank, the Army Weekly 1945 by Amy PilkingtonThe Pin-up Girls of Yank, the Army Weekly 1944 by Amy Pilkington


    Yank, the Army Weekly was a military publication sold to deployed soldiers during World War II. To boost soldiers’ morale, each issue contained a pin-up girl. These lovely ladies were some of the most famous actresses, models, and dancers of their time.

    You’ll find photos of Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, Hedy Lamarr, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman, and many more. Bios are included for each girl.


Amy Dodd Pilkington started writing at an early age. Since 2001, she has worked as a technical writer, copywriter, editor, ESL editor, content auditor, journalist, and blogger. She has also served as director of marketing, director of sales and marketing, and web content team leader. Her resume also includes web and graphic design.


Amy has published more than two dozen books. Her Pin-up Girls of Yank series has been on bestsellers lists in five countries on three continents: United States, China, France, Germany, and Japan.

Pilkington has been published in Voices of Bipolar Disorder (LaChance Publishing) and publishes on Medium. Health magazine recognized her blog as one of the best mental health blogs on the web.


Pilkington has been published in a number of publications, including:

              San Francisco Gate
              Health magazine
              Huffington Post
              Grown & Flown
              Gone Outdoors
              Thrive Global
              USA Today


Amy considers herself a perpetual student of life. She has earned several certifications and decades of experience.

       Behavioral Medicine
       Karolinska Institutet Sweden

       Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

       Medical Billing & Coding




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Amy Dodd Pilkington




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