Dear Mr. Gimme and “It’s All About Me”: Shut the F@$% Up

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I’ve sat back for way more than a year and watched someone constantly berate others and pass judgment. I’ve seen the same person doing the exact same thing he judges others for and getting irate when called on it. After so many months of seeing the nonsense, I have to say something to get it off my chest. You. Yes, you. Shut the f@$% up already.

I know some will say it’s hypocritical of me to call it out. After watching this behavior and seeing the things said every single day for over a year, call me whatever you want. Definitely call me done because I am tired of not speaking out about the holier-than-thou asshole and his (Yep. Guarantee you know who you are now.) self-righteous indignation when others do unto him as he does unto others.

Let me start by addressing the thoughtlessness. You’ve repeatedly bashed others for acts you deemed as selfish while continuing to commit selfish acts and say thoughtless things. This isn’t okay. It’s hypocritical and it makes you a complete asshole.

You absolutely cannot expect others to treat you well when you treat people poorly. You cannot expect others to care about your feelings when you obviously don’t care about the feelings of others. You deserve every bit of backhanded comments made to you because you spend your days making backhanded comments at everybody else.

I already know what you’re going to say. You’ve done a few charitable acts. Yes, and you did them all for show. Charity for show isn’t charity at all. It’s self-promotion and it isn’t a selfless act. It’s a “look at me” act. When you have to talk about what you’ve given to others and take photos to show you’ve given to others…just f@$% right off because it’s for show.

You know, someone who is genuinely down on their luck doesn’t need to be shamed and embarrassed by someone wanting to make a show for others. It isn’t cool to take pictures and plaster all over the place how you helped someone or gave them something. It isn’t cool to give things to people so you can have a photo op and plaster it all over social media.

Have you seen any of that plastered on my pages? No. It’s not because I’m not charitable. It’s because it’s from the heart and not for show. It’s not to make myself look good while simultaneously shaming the needy. Why don’t you try that? Try keeping your charitable acts private. I bet you would stop doing anything to help others if you couldn’t make a show of it.

Let me move on to talking about spending lavishly and then asking others for donations and material items. For someone who likes to make a show of being charitable, you sure do require a lot of charity yourself. Do you, who calls yourself religious, believe that you should spend lavishly and then take what could go toward others in true need because you cannot manage your finances in a manner that leaves you prepared for unexpected expenses? F@$% right off.

Not only is this annoying to me and many, many others who have seen this, but you are also literally taking away from people who are going hungry. Your shopping sprees and travel followed by begging means those giving to support your selfish ways won’t be giving to those who are truly needy. How very christian of you.

Yeah, f@$% right off with your claims of being christian when you’d essentially take from those in need so you can mismanage your own money. It’s like a teen who hasn’t figured out how to balance their budget and be responsible. You’re an adult. Act like it.

And let’s not forget the repeated complaints of others acting in ways you think make them an asshole while you are quite the asshole all day every day. Almost every comment is disparaging to someone. You are constantly attacking others. Start acting like an adult. Seriously. Shut the f@$% up with your self-righteous indignation. You’re an asshole just like the people you keep calling assholes. You’re one of them, and you’re a big hypocrite. Pot. Kettle. Shut up already.

And the next time you see me, walk right on by and I’ll be sure to enjoy my nice parking spot while you get out and f@$%ing walk because you can f@$%ing walk just fine. (Oh, you definitely know who you are now, don’t you?) I’ve got nothing more to say to you, Pastor “I’m just a pretender.” F@$% right off, you hypocritical, immature asshole. Spend some time figuring out how to handle money and assessing your own behavior.

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