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Years ago I ran a blog called All About Bipolar. (Some of you knew me then. Some of you didn’t.) Some of the most popular posts were my humorous lists. I took the time to dig up “You know you’re bipolar if” to post here.

Please note that these lists are not meant to belittle or poke fun at bipolar disorder or people living with bipolar disorder. These lists are based on my own personal experience with bipolar disorder.

You know you’re bipolar if:

  1. You have ever plotted to kill the person you truly love.
  2. You believe the earth rotates around you one minute and the whole world is plotting against you the next.
  3. You can remember the preamble to the constitution but forget your phone number.
  4. You have ever gotten out of bed feeling totally refreshed and then remembered that you didn’t sleep at all.
  5. You have ever gotten out of bed and felt like you haven’t slept a wink and realized that you have been in bed for over 24 hours.
  6. You can solve algebraic equations but can’t balance your checkbook.
  7. You can remember the entire speech given at your high school graduation years ago but can’t remember what you had for dinner last night.
  8. The spectacular new dish you tried last week is the most horrid thing you have ever eaten today.
  9. You can color coordinate everything in your house but have trouble putting together a single outfit to wear.
  10. You skip putting together the outfit and stay in your pajamas…for days.
  11. You think of something brilliant to say during conversation and…wait, what was I talking about?
  12. You are the smartest person in the world and things would be so much easier if people would just listen to you and you are the dumbest person in the world and you have trouble remembering how to put your pants on-all in the same hour.
  13. You have ever yelled at the window, “What do you mean, ‘do I want fries with that’? Are you saying I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like fries or are you insinuating that I don’t need fries? No, I don’t want fries and I am annoyed that you’re constantly asking me if I want fries. Why are you people obsessed with fries?”
  14. You have ever wondered if the mailman was spying on you. Why must they stop by here almost every day of the week? Hmm.
  15. You know there is a secret hidden in the craters on the moon. If you can just crack the code…
  16. The best conversation you have had in weeks was with your imaginary friend. You’re planning a party with him/her next week so you can meet his/her imaginary friends in the hopes of being more social.
  17. You can sit down and write 16 items on a list entitled “You know you’re bipolar if” and realize that you have only begun to scratch the surface.


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I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s hard not to look back when you’re having trouble picturing a worthwhile future. Unfortunately, yesterday is gone and all that’s left is a tomorrow that looks bleak and dreary.

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