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Years ago I had a blog called All About Bipolar. Some of my most popular posts on that blog were my humorous lists. I took the time to dig up “You know you’re manic if” and “You know you’re depressed if” to post here.

Please note that these lists are not meant to belittle or poke fun at bipolar disorder or people living with bipolar disorder. It’s humor based on my own experience with bipolar disorder.

You know you’re manic if:

  1. You can recite the alphabet in three seconds flat.
  2. You haven’t slept in 24 hours and you’re ready to run a marathon.
  3. Shopping has become a sport and the one who buys the most wins.
  4. Everyone is looking at you because they think you’re all that.
  5. There’s a stain on the carpet-oh look, jeans are on sale!
  6. You see the neighbors outside and run over to see if they want to have a barbecue.
  7. Consequences, schmonsequences. I’m having fun, so who cares?
  8. Are you looking at me? We can settle this right here, right now, pal.
  9. Your spouse or SO is saying ‘not tonight, honey’ because they are overworked in the bedroom.
  10. The world revolves around you.

You know you’re depressed if:

  1. Who can remember the alphabet and what’s the point anyways?
  2. You have slept 24 hours and you’re ready for a nap.
  3. Shopping? That requires leaving the house. Too much trouble.
  4. Everyone is looking at you because they think you’re weird.
  5. There’s a stain on the carpet. Why bother cleaning it? It will just get dirty again.
  6. You see the neighbors outside and close the curtains so they won’t stare at you.
  7. Oh, the consequences! What if….
  8. They’re looking at me. I’ve got to get out of here.
  9. Your spouse is begging because it’s been weeks and you think it’s too much trouble.
  10. The world is out to get you.

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