You Know You’re Experiencing Psychosis If: Humor

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Years ago I ran a blog called All About Bipolar. My humorous lists were pretty popular. I took the time to dig up “You know you’re experiencing psychosis if…” to post here.

Please note these lists are not meant to belittle or poke fun at bipolar disorder or people living with bipolar disorder. It’s humor based on my own personal experience with bipolar disorder.

You know you’re experiencing psychosis if:

  1. Your best friend is a voice that isn’t connected to a body.
  2. The shadows on the wall come to life and dance around the room.
  3. Your dog can suddenly speak to you.
  4. You pull the covers over your head at night because the shadow people are coming for you.
  5. I’m not talking to myself; I’m talking to “it”. (“It” is what I call my imaginary friend because “it” won’t tell me its name.)
  6. What do you mean, ‘there’s no such thing as a unicorn’? She’s standing right there!
  7. You keep smelling cinnamon buns but there aren’t any.
  8. You keep hearing people whispering but can’t quite hear what they are saying. There’s no one around.
  9. The voices in my head told me to do it. No, I’m not joking.
  10. There’s a snake in my bed!
  11. Do you see that? The flowers are doing the tango.
  12. You keep telling the kids to stop whistling, singing, or shouting and realize they are at school.

I have experienced these symptoms personally and this list is not intended to belittle or make light of psychosis. It is simply my own humorous take on my personal experiences with psychosis.

As a little bee in a big film says, “If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry.” Sometimes I have to take a step back at laugh at myself. It’s the only way to deal with it all at times.

If you enjoyed this list, you will enjoy “You know you’re bipolar if…” and “You know you’re manic or depressed if…”.

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I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s hard not to look back when you’re having trouble picturing a worthwhile future. Unfortunately, yesterday is gone and all that’s left is a tomorrow that looks bleak and dreary.

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