Depression: A Playlist

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I tend to use music to get through depression. A lot of those days are sad days, so I tend to listen to a lot of sad songs. I also listen to songs filled with anger. Here’s a playlist of some of my faves.

Choke by The Warning 

♫ Just let me drown. Let me dive in, sinking deeper. Push my head, choke me til I drown. ♫


Happiness by Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers

♫ Yeah you’re Thoreau-ly mad at me, and that sucks cause I don’t think I’m gonna change. I think I’ll get way worse, at best stay the same. ♫

Dream by Imagine Dragons

♫ All these sorrows I have seen, they lead me to believe that everything’s a mess. But I want to dream. Leave me to dream. ♫

FML by Kay Flay

♫ I’m living out my dreams like every night. I love my life. But when I open up my blurry eyes, it’s not as nice. FML. ♫

Novocaine by Eels

♫ Life is hard, and so am I. You better give me something so I don’t die. ♫

Heal by Tom Odell

♫  And heal, heal, heal. And tell me some things last. ♫

Anyway, this is just a small bit of the songs I listen to when I am battling depression. When I can calm my mind enough, I will put together a full playlist in a better format than this. 

Note: In every post you will find a song that fits my mood at the time. Enjoy. Or skip them. Whichever suits you. Also, you can play this fun game: Tell me what I screwed up. If you find a typo or a word that doesn’t fit right, tell me in the comments so I can feel bad about it and fix it. If you want to know why these mistakes exist, you can find that here

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